Gloria Stein was born in 1953 in Toronto, Canada. After completing Secondary School, she attended the Ontario College of Art for two years in the Fine Arts program, moving on to York University where she completed an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education. She then taught Art at a Toronto High School for several years.

After taking off some time to care for her two small children, she returned to school and graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Architecture. While she worked in residential architecture, she continued to explore her own artistic projects, eventually finding that her work had evolved into a synthesis of architecture and art – a most personally satisfying outcome.

In her most recent work, she is experimenting with large-scale oil drawings that are executed on tightly stretched transparent heavy-gauge vinyl. These panels create spaces through and around which the viewer can move. The structures and mechanisms that raise and lower the vinyl, and hold it in place, are an integral part of the work.

Gloria’s work has been exhibited at the Toronto City Hall, the Hummingbird Centre, the Hamilton Art Gallery, the Gladstone Hotel (‘Glad to Be Here’), 224 Wallace Open Studio Shows, the ‘Making Room’ art event in Toronto, Toronto Public Library Northern Division, and most recently, Gloria’s work has appeared at Nuit Blanche Toronto at Spadina Museum, each year since 2008.